Zürcher Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerverband
Ohmstrasse 14
Postfach 7147
8050 Zürich
Telefon 044 317 20 50

Datum: 16.05.2020 bis 17.05.2020
Ort: Horgen/ZH
Veranstalter: Swiss Exams
Mehr Infos: https://cambridge-exams.ch/16thCambridgeEnglishSpringSeminar.php

"Empowering your learners - developing learner autonomy"

At the Annual Spring Seminar 2020 we will be looking at how to empower your learners by giving them the necessary strategies to become better learners in the classroom and more independent learners when on their own. The challenge will be to work on a combination of knowledge and skills as well as students’ attitudes and an understanding of how to take control of their learning.

We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Seminar!